Heart Disease in Women

Many many ladies and lots of doctors do not know that heart condition is that the favorite killer of girls , and therefore the commonest explanation for disability. Furthermore, the guts disease that’s seen in women is usually almost an equivalent as heart condition in men. it’s going to be harder to diagnose, and harder to treat.

These facts cause two common (and sometimes tragic) mistaken beliefs held by many ladies and their doctors: that ladies don’t really get much heart condition , and once they do, it behaves just about just like the heart condition that men get.

The truth is that not only is heart condition quite common in women, but also when women get heart condition it often acts quite differently than it does in men. Failing to know these two fundamental truths results in tons of preventable deaths and disability in women with heart condition .

A Top Killer of girls
In a survey conducted by the American Heart Association, 6 in 10 women said that the main threat to their health was breast cancer; just one in 10 said it had been heart condition .

But in 1999, while cancer was killing 264,000 American women (41,000 of whom died of carcinoma ,) disorder killed almost twice as many (513,000) and it is the same story per annum . In fact, annually since 1984, more women than men have died of heart condition .

Many doctors aren’t getting it either. but half the doctors in one survey considered heart condition to be a serious threat to their female patients. Worse, but half all women receiving regular medical aid say that their doctors have ever talked to them about reducing their risk of heart condition .

Symptoms Are Profoundly Different
Perhaps most annoying of all, the symptoms of heart condition and even the guts disease itself are often quite different in women than in men.

Since most medical textbooks describe “typical” heart condition (that is, the type men get), doctors often fail to acknowledge heart condition once they see it in their female patients. the very fact that heart condition is so common in women, and at an equivalent time is underestimated and misunderstood by both women and their doctors contribute during a big thanks to the high death rate.

If you’re a lady , you would like to understand the fundamentals about heart condition and particularly heart condition because it behaves in women. the subsequent are the special characteristics of heart condition in women, that each woman should realize .

  • Heart condition Risk Factors in Women: The “classic” risk factors for heart condition generally pertain to both men and ladies . But if you’re a lady , there are several additional belongings you got to consider so as to stop heart condition .
  • Heart Disease Symptoms in Women: Women who have heart condition often experience symptoms differently than men and their doctors could be misled by these differences. As a lady , you would like to remember of the ways during which the symptoms heart condition you’ll vary from the symptoms described in your doctor’s textbook.
  • Coronary Artery Disease in Women: arteria coronaria disease (CAD) is that the commonest sort of heart condition in both men and ladies . But CAD can behave in some surprising ways in women, which may lead doctors down the incorrect path.
  • Heart Failure in Women: coronary failure may be a common cardiac condition that also has some unique features in women. If you’re a lady who has coronary failure , here is what you would like to understand .
  • Other Cardiac Conditions Especially Affecting Women: additionally to CAD and coronary failure , there are several other cardiovascular conditions seen in women which will be puzzling or misleading to doctors. These include dysautonomias, palpitations, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and bicuspid valve prolapse

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