Latest Achievement in the Treatment of Heart Attack

A press conference was held by Nidaan Hospital today highlighting the latest achievement in the treatment of heart attack in Sonipat.
It was attended by Dr Ramesh Batra(CMD, Nidaan Hospital), Dr Ankur Batra(Chief Cardiologist,Nidaan Hospital) and journalists from all the major print and tv news media.

Heart attack is caused by blocked arteries of the heart. Sometimes this blockage is caused by excessive calcium in the artery which is very hard to open by routine methods.

Now for such patients Nidaan Hospital has brought new technology to the city of Sonipat. This is called Shockwave Lithotripsy. This technology helps in breaking the blockage made of calcium with minimum risk.
This is the first hospital in non metro city of Haryana to have performed such a complex and latest procedure.

Interestingly this was the 86th case in the whole world and among the first few in India. This is specially useful for patients in whom normal testing could not be performed because of excessive calcium. Specially for old patients where bypass also is difficult.

Success of this procedure is around 97%.
We as a part of Nidaan Hospital are extremely proud to have performed such complex and latest procedures for needy patients in Sonipat.



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