The terms ‘cardiac arrest’ and ‘heart attack’ are often misconceived as the same thing and used interchangeably. But these are 2 very different conditions. And understanding the basic difference between the two conditions can make all the difference while providing medical response and help in case of such an event.

To differentiate between the two in simple terms; a heart attack is a circulation problem while a cardiac arrest is an electrical problem. Let’s explore both the conditions in detail.

What is a Heart Attack?
Heart attack, additionally said as MI, acute coronary syndrome, or thrombosis, happens once the blood flow to the center is interrupted thanks to a clogged or a blocked artery. as a result of a neighborhood of your heart is empty comfortable blood and atomic number 8, the involved tissues begin to die.

The longer the center attack, the additional injury it will.

What is a internal organ Arrest?
Cardiac arrest, additionally said as cardio-pulmonary arrest in medical terms, is once your heart suddenly stops pumping blood. A person, in absence of blood circulation, can collapse inside a number of minutes. they could even lose their pulse.

It will cause irregular respiratory or no respiratory in any respect, creating the person unresponsive. It’s imperative to incorporate emergency services once a pathology happens.

What causes a Heart Attack?
A attack is caused by a coronary heart condition, wherever the coronary arteries that offer oxygen-rich blood to the center square measure blocked. It happens overtime thanks to the fatty material increase within the vas. The fatty material will break off inflicting a blood.

When the clot gets clustered into the large chunk, it will interrupt the blood provide to the center.

What causes a internal organ Arrest?
In most cases, this fatal condition is caused by arrhythmia (an abnormal heart rhythm).

Ventricular Fibrillation are often caused by:

  • Heart attack
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Coronary heart condition
  • Congenital heart condition
  • Acute carditis
  • Heart valve sickness
  • Cardiac arrest can even be caused by electrocution, severe blood loss, drug dose or drowning.

What square measure the signs of a Heart Attack?
Most common signs of a attack include:

  • Chest pain, burning feeling in your chest or heaviness
  • Problem in respiratory
  • Pain in arms, neck, back, jaw
  • Nauseousness/vomiting
  • Perspiration
  • Feeling dizzy/light-headed
  • If you notice the on top of signs, decision AN auto instantly and keep calm till medical facilitate arrives.


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