A 40 year old female patient having history of Meno-metrorrhagia secondary to multiple Intramural Fibroids, largest measuring ~ 2.5×2.7 cm, in left lateral wall of body causing compression over endometrial cavity with small submucosal component (FIGO-2). Patient had reservations of going under the knife for Hysterectomy, so consulted us for Uterine Artery Embolization. We performed the procedure under local anesthesia with the pain cover of Epidural Analgesia by infusing PVA Particles super-selectively in bilateral Uterine arteries using microcatheter system, arising from internal iliac arteries after getting unilateral right Femoral access. Only 1 week Post procedurally, there is >90% symptomatic improvement and approx 60% reduction in volume (approx 10cc to 4.4 cc). This highly sophisticated procedure is being done only in very few centres across the country.






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