fruits to avoid if you have diabetes

Fruits contain nutrients and vitamins that benefit our body in many situations. But certain fruits are forbidden once you have diabetes which may be a chronic disease affecting adults and youngsters worldwide. Read on to seek out out the fruits to avoid from affecting your blood glucose levels.

No doubt that pineapple tastes so good. Although it’s considered a medium fruit with high in vitamin C and low in carbs and sodium, it’s still a high glycemic index fruit that you simply should avoid if you’ve got diabetes. If you want to use pineapple in meals, it’s better to pair with foods that have a coffee glycemic index score like pasta, rice and whole wheat bread.

one whole and one sliced pineapples on wooden background

When people tell avoid banana if you’ve got diabetes, you’ll have an issue that banana isn’t as sweet as other fruits and why it’s forbidden. In fact, the rationale for raising blood glucose isn’t about bananas’ sweetness, but its amount of carbohydrate. One medium banana has approximately 30 grams of carbs, which is around two servings of another fruit choice. If you are doing want to eat the banana, it’s suggested to decrease the serving amount of banana to avoid overeating in one meal.

Ripe bananas on wooden table

Mango is delicious and sweet that you simply might want to eat a whole mango in every meal. But it contains around 30 grams of carbohydrate and 26 grams of sugar which will rise your blood glucose . it’s better to avoid if you’ve got diabetes. If you can’t resist the temptation, limit the serving portion to ½ and eat it only it’s firmer.

Mango fruit and mango slices

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