Distress And Eustress

Most people aren’t aware that there are two sorts of stress: distress and eustress.

Distress is negative, it affects the mind and therefore the body, because the two are connected, and where the mind goes, the body follows. When the mind is anxious, worried, struggling or suffering ongoing or past trauma, it results in physical effects like headaches, poor sleep, insomnia, acidity, IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension or high vital sign , palpitations, joint and back pains, breathlessness and fatigue. These conditions are called psychosomatic, which suggests that the mind is adversely affecting the body, causing illness and increasing the suffering of the mentally stressed person.

Distress has become such a lot a neighborhood of our daily lives that we almost forget how easy it’s to let it affect us. The environment, traffic, finance, political situations, family issues, work pressures, marital discord, are just a few of the causes. an individual who is more susceptible to stress can get stressed even when the gas cylinder is empty, when going for a vacation or when the charwoman doesn’t come to work!

Eustress, on the opposite hand is “good stress”… the type we experience when anticipating an enjoyable event, or an occasion which will cause progression. people that play sports, are well prepared for appearing for an interview or exam, are happening an extended anticipated holiday or expecting a baby could experience a tension that doesn’t cause unhappiness.

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