Blood Clots: Good or Bad?

When you cut your finger with a knife whereas cutting associate degree onion, and blood is starting to flow, slowly at the primary and chop-chop afterwards. You clean the location and apply pressure. before long the trauma stops and you apply a bandage. whether or not you notice or not however a clot has shaped. coagulation is preventing the blood from flowing. coagulation may be a action while not it; you’ll be able to be at an excellent risk of trauma to death from an easy cut.

Blood clots area unit healthy and deliverance once they stop trauma. however they’ll additionally type once they aren’t required and cause heart failure, stroke or different serious medical issues. they’re unhealthy if they type within the places like arteries that offer blood to the guts or the brain, or within the veins of the legs. Clots within the body also can be mobile, traveling through the blood from one place to a different. for example, a clot shaped within the leg will jaunt lungs and one rising within the heart will find yourself within the brain. Such silent migration will have terribly deadly consequences. that’s the explanation several individual take medication to inhibit activity.

Clotting may be a three-part method

  • Platelets within the blood come back to the place wherever trauma is going on, and sew to the broken vessels and clump along to create a plug.
  • Proteins referred to as the coagulation factor signal one another and an extended strand of protein is created, this leads to world wide web like mesh that reinforces the plug created by clumped platelets.
  • When the danger has passed another chain reaction stops the expansion and eventually dissolves the clot.

The process of activity appears to be terribly economical and dealing after you opt for a tooth extraction. Follow your dentist’s instruction; you’ll have a tricky clot covering the opening from wherever the tooth extraction is completed. the matter comes only if you have got hardening of the arteries, with a fat-laden plaque in several locations in your arteries.

A clot will travel through the blood and if it’s massive enough it utterly blocks the vas. thence one who has hardening of the arteries area unit typically prescribed with antiplatelet medication like acetylsalicylic acid to inhibit the character of platelets to clump along. The impact of a blood within the circulatory system will come back terribly quickly, inflicting immediate medical attention needed.

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