In our endeavour to provide the most advanced care to our cardiac patients Another milestone was achieved at Nidaan Hospital Cardiology department today when for the first time in Sonipat and among select few in haryana we performed Coronary artery rotablation for a 74 yr old male who presented with worsening angina not being treated with conventional therapy due to extreme calcification. Rotablation which includes a diamond drill placed inside the 2.5mm artery and rotates at 150000 rpm. This drilling chips away the calcium facilitating the stenting. It has a huge chance of patient going into complete heart block and even coronary artery perforation.

This highly complex procedure is done at select few centres in India majorly in metro cities. Post procedure his ecg resolved and his pain subsided and he will have a normal life from now on. Its a matter of pride that we perfomed this highly complicated and advanced procedure in our city.


Example of a drill work of the Rotablator

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